Tyler Ferdinand is an Associate with the Climate Resilience Practice. His work focuses on building evidence and guidance for transitioning agricultural systems to fundamentally new, climate resilient systems in the long-term. He is particularly interested in exploring innovative approaches for equitable co-creation for adaptation planning and implementation, making the economic case for social-ecological transitions and leveraging digital tools for incentivizing behavioral change.

Prior to joining WRI, Tyler was a pig farmer outside Siena, Tuscany. He has also helped with establishing an eco-village off the coast of Sao Paolo, Brazil. Tyler has done research for the Building Resilience Against Climate Extremes and Disasters (BRACED) consortium and was formerly the program director for the Block Island Maritime Institute, a non-profit promoting public education for marine and maritime topics.

Tyler holds a MSc in Climate Change Science, Policy and Environment from King's College London and is currently completing an MSc in Agricultural Economics at Humboldt University, Berlin. His theses have focused on crop migration forecasting through climate suitability models as well as governance of resilient bio-economies.

Tyler lives in Berlin, Germany, however, you can often find him hiking or swimming along the Mediterranean coast.